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Q:  Where is the official ION coin GitHub located?

A: The official ionomy ION coin code repository is located at The official ION Coin Core developmental group repository is at A community driven repository is at

Q: How can I get help on using ION?

A: Information on ION usage and support is available at the ION Coin Core wiki at
Email support is also freely available from

Are there Snap builds for the ION coin clients?

A: Yes there are, find them at


ION Qt and ION Daemon

Q: Where can I download an ION Bootstrap to speed up the Blockchain synchronisation process from?

A: You can find a daily updated ION Bootstrap with instructions from


ionomy Branding

Q: Where can I find an asset page for ionomy (Official logos and brand colors)

A: These are hosted at


ionomy Social media and ION coin resources:

Official Channels

ionomy home page -
ionomys news feed -
ionomics Twitter feed -
ionomy Medium articles -
ionomy technical support -

ionomy Facebook -
ionomy Reddit -
ionomy YouTube channel -
ionomy email Technical support -*

* Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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ionomy Community

ION coin community Twitter feed -
ionbits Twitter feed -
ION coin community forum - 
ionmadness Twitter feed -

ionomy Chat Channels

ION coin Discord chat channels -
ION coin Telegram Group -

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ION coin masternode and staking statistics

ION Masternode Growth and Payment Statistics -*
* Credit to Mr Coins -

ION Visual live Masternodes GUI -
ION Visual live Masternode GUI -

BTC/ION Trading exchanges and markets

Bittrex Trading exchange - 
UpBit Trading exchange -




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