Setting up a remote hosted ion node on

Before you begin.

 In order to start an ion masternode you will need one input of 20000 ION in your qt wallet.


You will need to create a new masternode key.

Open the debug window by clicking tools > debug console

Click the “console” tab and type the following: masternode genkey

Copy the output for use later.




From the ionomy dash select hosting16820929772d028bef218c3388920374.png

On the sidebar select the coin you wish to create a masternode for


Selected Remote Node Hosting from the options


Enter the following

  • Title: Name of your Masternode
  • Address: Address holding your 20000 ion transaction
  • Gen Key: The masternode key you generated in the earlier steps7866f01cfd281ef745dd161d7b03fe1d.pngClick “Buy” to launch your hosted node

Your masternode host will then begin the process of starting up. Please be patient during this step as it make take several minutes



One the status changes from “installing” to “Active”, Click the “edit” button.



Copy down the IP address listed in this window. This will be used in your masternode.conf later.



It's now time to return to your qt wallet and edit the masternode.conf file.

First we will need to display the Transaction information for your collateral.
Return to the debug console (tools > debug console > console)
Type the following: masternode outputs
The wallet will output a string containing a transaction ID and an output id (either a 1 or 0)
Copy this information.

f6eb3169b1962f44a357253d175d912e.pngAt this point you should have the following items available

  1. IP address of the masternode
  2. Masternode Key (from the genkey step)
  3. Masternode output (from previous step)

 In the ION qt choose Tools > open masternode configuration file file this will launch a text file for us to edit

 On a new line enter the following


Using the examples in the screenshots above the masternode.conf would be

MN1 69N6LCGKhiwdXWNhGpXMH7UDNJbaeucevoAq8JpKJ9zT7MzLsww 4da1c76fdf118bef8a6c028da2a0dbd99078052bdd49b1790633457b23a7e31d 0


Save and close the text file. And close your ION QT Wallet.

Re-open the QT after shutdown and navigate to the Masternodes tab

You should now have an entry for the masternode that we just created. Simply click the node, and select “start alias” you should receive a notification that the Masternode has been started.


It may take up to 72 hours for your first reward to show. Please be patient during this time.

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