Account management overview




On the profile page, various details are held and can be configured such as your username to show in game and across leaderboards, the preferred site wide currency and subscription details and transactions are held.


On the security page you can reset your password remembering to set a good password using upper and lowercase characters and a special character or two for safety

Two factor authentication (2FA) can be reset should you need to transfer the Authenticator app to a new smart device, for example.

You can also see the last actions on account including login IPs from the device sessions window.

Address book

You can save regularly used or important addresses here,

Affiliate Program

Here you can find your account specific special affiliate code, if you link this on social media you can earn rewards!

It is easy to get started right away by posting on twitter, Facebook or sending via email, you can also copy the link manually and place in blogs and newsgroup articles to earn while you sleep!

My Public Profile

Show off to the world you gaming and social standings,  awards and achievements.

Not only do you have a public facing profile but you can link your social media accounts too. There are some privacy settings, depending upon your level of anonymity required.


Create your own API keys to connect with the ionomy economy.


Displayed are the trading commision and subscription level, you can also see the level of variable withdrawal fees - these vary according to each coin and includes the necessary transaction and network fees.


You can easily export your selected  account actions via the drop down selection box

Then select the output format required

Available formats are :

  • CSV : comma separated values
  • PDF: readable with Adobe acrobat reader
  • XLS: Spreadsheet file format as used in Microsoft Excel and Google docs.

After selecting, click export and the browser then will download the file to your computer for use.


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