Sharenodes and Masternodes hosting service overview

ION, DASH and PIVX Masternodes can be hosted on the ionomy portal, if you have the required full collateral it is easy and fast to set up a hosted Masternode either using on site or remote hosting.

On-Site Hosting

To set up on site just enter the title of the masternode (What you’d like to call it)

Enter the scrape address, where you would like the rewards sent to, your local QT client or account wallet for example. Double check this address!

Then enter the currency you would like to purchase with from the drop down box.


Depending upon the coin masternode chosen, the collateral will be deducted from your balance and once the masternode accrues time on the network, you will start automatically start receiving rewards to the scrape address you set. (A Scrape address is called that because the rewards are removed from the ‘top’ leaving the initial masternode collateral in place to continue as a valid node without affecting or creating lost network time).


Sharenodes are a great way to get into masternodes if you do not have enough coins to make up a full masternode. For an example, an ION masternode requires 20,000 ION, if you do not have the full amount, you can take part for shares of one. With the distributed daily reward depending upon your share rate of the node.

You can purchase shares of nodes on the exchange, this requires a subscription.

After purchase are in your inventory, the payouts will be made daily as listed on the sharenodes direct to your ionomy wallet.


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