online multi currency wallets

The platform can be used to store your cryptocurrencies, alongside ION there is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and PIVX storage capabilities.

As with any trading or crypto assets platform, please do make sure to enable 2FA via the profile and security page link: this will stop unauthorised logins and withdrawals too.

Depositing and withdrawing


It is easy to deposit and withdraw from the ionomy online wallets


Select the currency that you would like to deposit to from the coin wallets list on the left of your wallet dashboard; a regular reusable wallet address with the option for a Timed address* will show. The long string of characters is the wallet address, you can copy this by pressing the button alongside and then pasting to the client from where you are sending from - additionally if you have a compatible device, you can use the QR code and a reader.

*There are two types of  receiving address, a regular reusable one and a timed throwaway address, either are fine to use at any time but the second (timed) adds a layer of privacy to your transactions as self destructs after the set time displayed -  do make sure when using timed addresses to send well within time as any funds sent to this address after the time expires will not be credited to your account.

**Make sure to double check any sending address or receiving address you input as if an error is made, there is little chance of your funds being returned as cryptocurrency transactions cannot be cancelled or stopped once they have been sent externally to an incorrect address.

Withdraw and sending

To send the available cryptocurrencies from the ionomy online wallet, select the currency you’d like to send then click the withdraw button.



Copy the address to send to into the Recipient box, with the desired amount below

Input your 2FA device security code
Confirm all the details are correct and click send.

Withdrawal fees:

It is free to use the ionomy wallets, there are some withdrawal fees that vary via the coin selected and withdrawn due to necessary network and transaction fees.


Any site transactions including deposits, withdrawals, exchanges trades and fees and shared masternode payouts will be listed on the Transactions page for viewing.


You can also export the data via the page



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