How do I use the exchange to buy and sell ION?

The has an internal exchange with a trading pair of btc and ion. To access this; login to the dashboard then on the left hand menu go down to 'Exchange' then onto ION/BTC market:



At the top of the display shows the twenty four hour volume, high and low price, and last price of ION exchanged.

Next is a graph showing the high and low peaks, underneath that is the volume, all this display can be customised to show 1 hour or one day spread, or you can drag the bars at the bottom for an entirely custom zoom. 


These box are to make the buy and sell orders, you can either select the balance available in BTC (to buy) or ION (to sell) for immediate effect. You can also place different amount and priced orders manually by entering the data into the boxes and selecting 'Create buy order' or 'Create sell order'.

With either of the above methods, the orders will be placed in the order books below and will await a trigger to buy / sell.



The order book is shown as above, If you wanted to buy a whole block of coins above the minimum selling price you can click on a price and select the coins with those lesser in value below them for a fast and concise sale. You can also do this on the sell side using the same method.



The next box shows the recent market trades, both on the buy and sell sides, scroll down to see more, this is constantly updated as trades occur.


The last box shows your open buy and sell orders on the exchange, if you change your mind at any time you can click the cancel button on any open orders.


These screenshots show trading with zero fees added due to a subscription on the website.

If you get stuck with this or any other matter please feel free to email for a fast, polite and concise service.

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