ion v2.1.6 rebase Windows QT Upgrade Guide

ION Wallet Windows Upgrade Installation

Backup your Existing wallet.dat file to a location you can find easily, but is also secure.
1. Open the Ion “Classic” wallet

2. Select File > Backup Wallet

3. Choose a location you can find easily and name the file wallet.dat
4. Click Save
5. Close/Exit the ION “Classic” wallet

Navigate to the application data folder on your PC

7. Click Start
8. Choose Run and type: %appdata%
(windows 10 users will not have the run option, type/paste the command and hit enter.)

9. Right Click choose New and Select “New Folder”

9a. Name the new folder: ioncoin
10. Place your wallet.dat backup in the new ioncoin folder

11. . Once the wallet.dat has been replaced in the ioncoin folder, you can now launch your
new wallet exe

Your coin balance and addresses will now be present, and your wallet upgrade is complete.

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